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Tonsillitis and oral health

Tonsilitis is an inflammation of the tonsils which are two masses of lymphoid tissue on either side of the throat. They play a role in fighting infection that may use the oral cavity as a gateway into the airways. In some cases, they can get…
dental flossing

Flossing: Why you should do it and How you should do it

Flossing is a form of interdental cleaning in which the debris in the area between two teeth is removed using a dental cord also known as dental floss.  It is a habit that should be taken up as part of one’s oral care routine because…
baby teeth

Taking Care of your Baby’s Teeth

Most babies are born with no teeth much to the delight of their mothers in light of a comfortable experience when breastfeeding. Some babies are born with teeth and although this is rare, it can be disheartening and we shall look at it further…
dental fillings

Are amalgam dental fillings safe?

You may have been to the dentist before and told them that you don't want the black filling. This might have been due to a number of reasons that you honestly believed in, for example, the filling contains mercury which accumulates in the blood,…

How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

A toothbrush is one of the staple household objects that everyone uses. With the multiple choices in the supermarkets, one might wonder if there is such a thing as a bad toothbrush and if so then what is a good toothbrush? There are a number…
teeth happy holidays

Happy Holidays!

Remember The festive season is upon us and felicitations to us all. As we celebrate this joyous season and allow ourselves to indulge, it is important that we do not forget to take care of our mouths and teeth. Below are some reminders that…
image of nail-biting

How oral habits affect your oral health

A habit is a tendency towards an act that has become a repeated performance, it is relatively fixed and easy to perform by an individual. We all have habits, some are beneficial to us and some we would rather do away with. For example, laying…
HIV oral health care

Oral Health care in those living with HIV/AIDS

Every year on December 1, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. This day brings light to the battle against stopping the HIV/AIDS plague. It also discourages stigma against those living with HIV/AIDS and shows that they too can live rich and…
dry socket

Dry Socket: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is a Dry Socket? Dry socket or alveolar osteitis is a complication that occurs after extraction of a tooth due to compromised healing of the extraction wound and is characterized by extreme discomfort or pain in the area which has the…
dental caries

Rampant Caries: Causes, Risk Factors, and Management

Caries as a disease is one of the most commonly occurring diseases in the world. Most times, it affects few teeth at a time in one’s mouth and since multiple factors influence it, it can be salient in its progression. There are cases, however,…
local anesthesia

Local Anesthesia: Definition, Types and How it Works

One of the most dreaded parts of many people’s visits to the dentist is the injection. The contraption that holds the needle is huge and inspires fear. Today we are going to take this process apart so that you know what it is exactly that…
mouth sores

Mouth sores: Causes and Management

When we eat, we normally eat with abandon, taking it as an obvious fact of life that we shall not experience any discomfort or pain. When this does happen, it is shocking and the frustration increases as the days that we cannot enjoy our food…
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