Dental pain has a nasty habit of attacking at ungodly hours. Hours when the dentists are unlikely to be available. The night suddenly becomes very long. Dental offices are closed, and the pain drags on. But not to worry, your best dentist is here to offer some relief. In this blog, we are going to look at a few remedies for toothache that you can either access in your home or stock up on just in case you need them in the future. It is important to note, however, that these are only short-term fixes and do not replace the need for a dentist. Check out the companion video about home remedies for dental pain.

  1. Pain Killers can reduce dental pain

These include Panadol, ibuprofen, aspirin, and many others. Most pharmacies can sell you these without a prior doctor’s prescription. Care must be taken, however, to only take the dose recommended by the pharmacist. They do not take the cause of the pain away, they just stop you from feeling pain and so you should see a dentist immediately.

Pain Killers reduce dental pain temporarily
Reduce dental pain temporarily using painkillers.
  • Ice Pack can reduce dental pain

In case you have a toothache and your face has also swollen, a reliable short-term solution is to place an icepack on the swollen side. This will reduce the swelling, and since ice can constrict blood vessels, it can also reduce pain. Apply this pack at least three times a day.

  • Clove Oil can reduce dental pain

Clove oil has a component called Eugenol, which is a natural antiseptic and also has analgesic properties. These properties are why even your dentist uses Eugenol as part of treatment. Place a small amount of oil on a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area and repeat a few times a day until you can see a dentist.

Olive oil reduces dental pain
Olive oil can reduce dental pain
  • Vanilla Extract can reduce dental pain

This is a common ingredient in baking, but is also a handy remedy for tooth pain. It contains alcohol which numbs pain and also acts as an antiseptic. Apply a small amount to the affected area using a cotton ball or your finger.

  • Peppermint Teabags can reduce dental pain

Peppermint tea, besides tasting great, also has a variety of other uses. It can soothe both toothaches and hurting gums. This is of course, not while it is hot but when it is still in the tea bag. You can place a used tea bag in the cooler for a few minutes before applying it to the affected area for another few minutes. Using a slightly warm tea bag is also permissible.

  • Over-the-Counter Anesthetics can reduce dental pain

There are many over-the-counter anaesthetics that can soothe the pain in the teeth. These contain an agent called bupivacaine, which is an anaesthetic and that means that it kills sensation in an area. Apply these as directed by the pharmacist as different formulations are available, for example, gels.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse can reduce dental pain

Just a heads up, we must carefully handle this, lest its risks outweigh the benefits. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide in an equal amount of water and rinse your mouth, taking care not to swallow. It is great for pain and inflammation.

  • Saline Rinse can reduce dental pain

This is a rinse of your mouth using warm salty water. It is an excellent remedy as besides reducing pain, it also removes any debris that may contribute to the pain and also helps heal any wounds that may be present in the mouth. It also helps with inflamed gums.

After using any of the above, ensure you visit the dentist for proper treatment of the dental problem. You can book an appointment with our dentist for a free consultation and checkup.

Want to learn more about dental pain solutions and related services from Ezza dental care? Check out the companion video about home remedies for dental pain or other oral health tips.

The gums, also known as the gingiva, form an important aspect of our smile. Their presence in the mouth and the role they play means that we must pay attention to them. Gums too can be and sources of infection that can compromise our general health. One of the noticeable changes about the gums is when they enlarge or swell. In this blog, we are going to see what the causes of the swelling are and how we can manage them.

We group gum enlargement causes into inflammatory causes, systemic disease causes, neoplasm associated causes, drug induced causes, hypersensitivity, and so on.

Inflammatory causes are those where the gum swells in response to an infection in the mouth, i.e., gingivitis. It comes from an accumulation of debris on the teeth, which causes the gums to fall sick. Systemic causes are those where a change in the body’s function manifests through enlargement of the gums. For example, pregnancy, puberty or malnutrition like vitamin C deficiency.

Some drugs can cause gingival enlargement. Drugs used to treat epilepsy, for example phenytoin, those used to treat heart disease, for example Amlodipine, are some of the more common ones that can cause gingival enlargement. Gum enlargement can be an early sign of a malignant lesion developing and so it is something that everyone ought to pay attention to. A case in point is enlargement of the gums can characterize non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Some other symptoms, for example bad breath, mobile teeth, pain and so can also accompany gingival enlargement. It is imperative for one to get a consultation with their oral health care provider who’ll diagnose and advise them accordingly to address the issue early. This is the best way to manage gum enlargement.

teeth happy holidays


The festive season is upon us and felicitations to us all. As we celebrate this joyous season and allow ourselves to indulge, it is important that we do not forget to take care of our mouths and teeth. Below are some reminders that you will benefit from if practiced and prevent suffering painful consequences as a result of enjoying yourself a little too much.

  • Do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day. After your last meal at night and at one other time during the day.
  • Use the extra time available to show the young ones how to brush their teeth and use this as a bonding activity.
  • If possible, floss your teeth. This will ensure that no food particles get stuck between your teeth.
  • Eat sweets and cakes in moderation and always rinse your mouth after so that tooth decay is prevented or slowed down.
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the meals as these contain nutrients that are important for strong teeth.
  • As you make your yearly plan, set up your routine dentist appointments for checkups and professional cleaning.

Happy holidays from Ezza Dental Care and a prosperous new year.


In many movies which have old characters in them, there are usually scenes where a said old person places their dentures in a glass by the side of their bed before they sleep. If you are as curious as I am, you probably wonder why they do that. If you are not curious but you recently got dentures, you will also want to know why they do this. In this blog, we are going to look at how to take care of false teeth so that they maintain both form and function for the longest time possible.

1. Avoid eating hard foods

Dentures are used for many things just like teeth are used for many things. One of the primary roles however is eating. It is important that you remain mindful of the fact that dentures though a good substitute are not as hard as the normal teeth. Henceforth, one must not subject them to very hard foods otherwise the stress may deform them or even cause them to fracture. Eat relatively soft foods and soften the tougher foods so that they are easy to chew using your dentures.

2. Always rinse your mouth after eating

After eating, rinse your dentures using running water to remove any food particles and debris that may have stuck after eating. This will prevent debris from accumulating and subsequently decomposing which could come with an unpleasant taste for you and an unpleasant breath for whoever is in close proximity to you. When washing the dentures, do not use abrasive materials or detergents and handle them gently so that they do not get deformed.

3. Brush your dentures at least once a day

Dentures should be brushed at least once a day. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and denture cleanser. Do not use toothpaste as this contains abrasives that may damage your dentures in the long run. Rinse them with clean running water (avoid hot water). In case you use denture adhesives, ensure that you clean the grooves to ensure that you remove the entire residual adhesive.

4. Do not leave dentures in the open

Do not leave your dentures out in the open air overnight. Doing this will make them shrink or expand depending on the prevailing conditions in the room. Soak them in the appropriate solution mixed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Before wearing them, make sure you rinse them using clean running water. Denture soaking solution should not be used intra orally.

5. Have review visits with your dentist

Your dentist will schedule review visits for you to check on how your dentures are working for you and to also professionally clean them whenever possible. During these visits, let him know if the dentures are loose or fit too tightly so that adjustments can be made accordingly. In case you have some remaining teeth, do not neglect them: clean them too using toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Are you having any missing teeth? Schedule an appointment with our dentist to get yourself dentures or dental crowns and bridges.


When I was young, I was always forced to brush my teeth, and if there was no pushing force, I always forewent brushing.  It was never a priority to me.  However, as I grew up, I realized that my teeth were dirty and this really disturbed me a lot. Worst of all, they were not only dirty but also, the lower teeth had big gaps. This limited my smile and bothered me emotionally. I spent quite a long time looking for a perfect dental clinic to consult and then in the future work on my problem. This is when I discovered Ezza Dental Care. I think they were God sent because, I had never heard of them nor had a clue about them but guess how I found them?

Before treatment
After treatment

I won’t let you over think; this is how it all happened so fast.

Around July 12th 2020, as I was searching for dental clinics in Uganda via Facebook, I came across several of them and among them was Ezza Dental Care. The first thing that caught my eye was their work, the kind of treatments they did and later posted them on their Facebook page. It looked amazing and attractive and I for sure felt I needed a service from them real soon. I got in touch with them via messenger, inquired and they replied to me in time. Ezza Dental Care asked me to share a picture of my smile and from there, they would tell me what problem I had and what I needed to do. I did that immediately and was given various options among which I chose crowns. However I didn’t have money at the time for the crowns and so I requested them to give me some time as I looked for the money.

It was around that time that Ezza Dental Care put up a Top Fan of the Month challenge where the prize was Ugshs 550,000 worth of dental treatment. For me who wished to have a service from them real soon, I  entered the challenge and waited for luck to knock me. Participating in the challenge was not hard as my only task was to like each and every post on their pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, comment on each and every post on their pages, and share their posts with my friends. Sharing their posts was really easy because I found the content on their pages really educative and helping. I have done these from the time I came across their page to date despite having already got my treatment. I continue to share their posts because I would like to share with other people where the real dental solutions are.

Having done the liking, commenting and sharing challenge, on July 29th 2020 I was contacted by Ezza Dental Clinic and was surprised with the news that I had emerged the top fan of the Month (July). I almost collapsed for I could not believe I was to get  free dental treatment  worth 550k  which was enough for  the  problem I had. I was given an appointment for Wednesday 5th August 2020 to go and do my treatment or to send a friend or relative to receive dental treatment in the offer I had won. Their Communications personnel Mr. Ian gave me a follow up call to make sure I didn’t forget the appointment.

When the day finally came, I made my way to Sseruwale Shopping Center in Makindye along Namasole road where I found their clinic. Upon arrival I was warmly received by the dentist – Dr. Joan, Ian and Peace – the assistant to the dentist. Dr. Joan took me through some of the causes of dental problems, and their possible treatments. She then proceeded to examine my teeth and luckily she found me with no sick teeth though with gaps and dirt in my teeth. She went on to paralyze my mouth so as not to feel pain during the treatment. Measurements of my lower teeth were taken and sent to the lab for crown making. While the crowns were being made, Dr. Joan polished my teeth, removed and all the dirt and they became once again clean and shiny.

Dr. Joan explaining to me some of the causes of dental problems and their treatment

After the polishing, I waited for a few minutes for my crowns. To my delight the crowns had been perfectly measured and they matched my teeth 100%. They were professionally fixed and woow, upon looking at my smile in the mirror, I was totally a different person. I looked clean and felt like I had the best smile in the world.

I left Ezza Dental Care feeling like an ‘expert touch’ was not just a slogan, but rather what they actually do. THANK YOU EZZA FOR RESTORING MY BEAUTIFUL SMILE. And to everyone reading this; Do not take any dental problem lightly, visit Ezza Dental Care for a free consultation and checkup, and get treated. For a perfect smile means the world to everyone.

All Thanks to Ezza Dental care staff May God bless you all.

By Louis Mugenyi

tooth pain while chewing

Few things are as shocking and as disturbing as the sensation when your teeth bite down on that unexpected stone in your rice meal and yet even that is not as painful, as uncomfortable as pain that comes when chewing food. It steals the joy out of eating and replaces it with sometimes very excruciating pain. Today, we are going to look at some of the reasons why this could occur.

1. Presence of a deep cavity on a tooth

When caries develop on a tooth, they cause destruction of the vital tooth structure and form cavities. These cavities deepen as the disease process goes on until they reach the pulp at which point or slightly before, they become painful. When food is placed on the tooth, pressure is mounted on the pulp chamber which causes the pain to ensue. This pain can be alleviated by either a filling or a root canal depending on the prognosis.

2. Failed restorations

There is a sub group of caries called secondary caries. These develop on a tooth which has had a restoration placed before. They may develop because the restoration is not well fitting or because the diseased tooth structure was not effectively removed before placement. The pain causation is the same as that of the deep cavities.

3. Cracked tooth syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is where a tooth has incompletely cracked but no part of the tooth has yet broken off. It occurs as a result of trauma or excessive bite forces when chewing on very hard objectives for example that stone in your rice. This pain is sharp and only lasts as long as the bite. It is difficult to diagnose because the tooth may appear normal to the human eye and yet, the minuscule crack is a painful disaster waiting to happen since the tooth may eventually break.

4. Gingivitis and periodontitis

Infection or inflammation of the teeth supporting structures can cause pain on chewing. This is because the diseases process can irritate the nerves and the cytokines released can induce the sensation of pain.

5. Nasal/ sinus pressure and congestion

Sometimes, the pain experienced on chewing in the upper teeth may not be a result of a dental problem. The roots of your teeth are situated in close proximity to your nasal sinuses and henceforth, it could be because the sinuses are inflamed.

6. Dental abscess

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that’s caused by a bacterial infection. It can be painful and maybe associated with a visible swelling. It develops as a result of caries that have progressed to the extra dental tissues and may thus be characterized by a chronic throbbing pain.

What to do when you feel tooth pain

Tooth pain isn’t something that just goes away on its own over time. Unlike other types of body aches that improve with rest or an over-the-counter pain reliever, toothaches mean that something more serious is going on inside of your mouth and these pain symptoms shouldn’t be ignored.

If you have a single tooth or several teeth that hurt when you bite or chew, schedule a check up with Ezza Dental Care. Our dentist will help you get the answers you need to best care for your smile and keep it healthy for years to come!