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misaligned teeth


I don't know if this goes for you too but during high school, people who had braces were considered cool. We looked at them with this sense of fascination for the sophisticated wires in their mouths. It is only now that I realize how we often…
root canal therapy

Root canal therapy as an option to tooth extraction

After we stop expecting money from the tooth fairy or a rat with a secret underground bank, we become very possessive with our teeth. We do not want to lose any which is why the word extraction evokes a dread in us, a justified dread. Stronger…
tooth worms

Do ‘Tooth Worms’ Cause Tooth Decay?

Have you ever had an excruciating pain rip through your mouth, as you eat, drink, talk, even; when you’re doing nothing at all! No? Well, those of us who have ever suffered a tooth ache or a tooth cavity can relate. I am sure this deep nagging…
Image showing professional teeth cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning – Here’s what you need to know

Teeth cleaning is a part of oral hygiene where an oral health professional removes plaque, calculus, or tartar from and around the teeth in a clinical setting as a preventive measure against oral disease. It is also known as dental prophylaxis…
Teeth affected by gum disease

Gum Disease: Causes, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Jane was excited for a new day. She jumped out of bed and started preparing herself for work. In the bathroom, she had a pretend concert using her toothbrush as a makeshift microphone. She then lined it with toothpaste and started to brush…
Teeth Stains and their look after treatment

Teeth Stains: Causes, Types and How To Get Rid Of Them

Teeth stains have left many people with unpleasant smiles. And today I want us to know the different kinds of stains, their causes and their treatment options. There are two kinds of dental stains. We have extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic…
Oral Health during pregnancy

4 Dental Strategies for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is an exciting and busy time in a woman’s life. But pregnant women should be certain to take care of their dental health for themselves and their babies. Here are 4 key strategies; 1. Keep your teeth and gums healthy Gum disease…

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